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Comprehensive Article Writing and Publication Service by Open Knowledge

Comprehensive Article Writing and Publication Service by Open Knowledge


Open Knowledge Company is delighted to offer a comprehensive service for article writing and publication, specifically tailored to assist individuals and organizations in gaining recognition and visibility in reputable platforms such as Google Scholar Journals. With our expert team of writers and publication specialists, we ensure that your research and insights reach a wider audience, contributing to your professional success and academic advancement.


Service Overview:

Our Article Publication service encompasses a range of key components designed to streamline the process of writing and publishing scholarly articles. These components include:


  1. Customized Article Writing:

   Our skilled team of writers works closely with clients to craft well-researched, high-quality articles tailored to their specific needs and objectives. Whether you require assistance with drafting an original article or refining an existing manuscript, we ensure that your content meets the highest standards of clarity, coherence, and academic rigor.


  1. Publication Strategy Development:

   We collaborate with clients to develop a strategic plan for publishing their articles in reputable journals and platforms, including Google Scholar Journals. Our experts leverage their knowledge of the publishing landscape to identify suitable outlets that align with the scope and focus of your research, maximizing the chances of acceptance and dissemination.


  1. Manuscript Formatting and Editing:

   Our team provides comprehensive editing and formatting services to ensure that your manuscript adheres to the guidelines and standards set forth by your target journal. From ensuring proper citation formatting to polishing language and style, we meticulously prepare your manuscript for submission, enhancing its professionalism and readability.


  1. Submission and Peer Review Management:

   We handle the entire submission process on behalf of our clients, including manuscript submission, correspondence with journal editors, and management of the peer review process. Our goal is to streamline the publication journey, minimizing administrative burdens and optimizing the chances of acceptance.


  1. Revision and Resubmission Support:

   In the event of reviewer feedback or revision requests from journal editors, we provide comprehensive support to address comments and revise the manuscript accordingly. Our team of experts offers guidance on navigating reviewer comments, making necessary revisions, and ensuring that the revised manuscript meets the journal’s requirements.


  1. Publication Tracking and Reporting:

   Throughout the publication process, we keep clients informed of progress milestones, including manuscript submission, peer review outcomes, and final publication. Our transparent approach enables clients to track the status of their articles and stay updated on key developments.


Benefits of Our Service:

By choosing Open Knowledge Company’s Article Publication service, clients can expect to benefit from:


– Expert guidance and support from seasoned professionals with extensive experience in academic publishing.

– Access to a wide network of reputable journals and platforms, including Google Scholar Journals, open access, crossref, doi etc.  maximizing visibility and impact.

– Streamlined publication process, saving time and effort while ensuring adherence to journal guidelines and standards.

– Increased chances of acceptance through targeted submission strategies and meticulous manuscript preparation.

– Enhanced professional reputation and visibility within your field of study through widespread dissemination of your research.


At Open Knowledge Company, we are committed to helping researchers and academics achieve their publication goals with confidence and success. Our comprehensive Article Publication service offers a tailored approach to writing and publishing scholarly articles, providing clients with the support, guidance, and expertise needed to navigate the complex landscape of academic publishing. Whether you’re an aspiring researcher or a seasoned academic, let us help you share your insights with the world and make a meaningful impact in your field.


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